About us

The start of our company...

It was there at the end of the 70s that the founder of the 'Leo Ameel' company, being the manager of a catering business, often used to take the last customers home with his car. Until he thought at some point, I can make a virtue of necessity and buy me a taxi vehicle. Then at least those rides will pay off.

This is how the "Taxi Leo" company was founded in the early 70's, from bringing home bar customers for free. Taxi Leo became a household name in the region and soon a second vehicle was purchased. Gradually, the beautiful Mercedes cars were often used for weddings during the weekend. Nowadays, the transport possibilities for weddings have increased so much (buses, coaches, limousines, etc.) that we stopped doing this.

Meanwhile, almost 50 years later, the business has been taken over by Kurt Ameel and Ann D'hellem, the son and daughter-in-law of the founder. Leaving the transportation services for weddings, there was more room to focus on regular passenger transport, airport transport and collection and transport of customers for business travel.

Taxi Leo now has an online platform where you can easily arrange your transfer. After just a few clicks we will provide you with the desired ride in the desired vehicle for a fixed amount. The prices include the driver, the vehicle, the mileage and taxes. Naturally, telephone bookings are also possible. All this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where are we now?

We currently offer three exclusive vehicles. During the transfer you can prepare for your meeting undisturbed, have conversations or just relax and enjoy the ride.

Naturally, all vehicles are visually attractive and properly maintained. Furthermore, we only work together with carefully selected and trained drivers who will always take you to your destination in tailored suits.

Because we know our customers and their needs, we have contributed to the development of an app. This makes it easier for the user and our drivers. Moreover, it is easier and quicker to make a booking.

Our drivers

The Taxi Leo drivers are reliable and ready to pick you up at the indicated time and place. Get into the comfortably furnished vehicle and let your driver take you to your desired destination.

All drivers have received driver training and speak Dutch, French and English.

During the training, the drivers learn, among other things, how to provide an optimal service, recognise the needs of the customers and ensure a safe environment at all times.